To Your Community of Women Empowerment

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Committed to Serving Our Community

At I AIM Community, we are committed to enhancing the lives of members in a virtual community through our range of educational conversations, activities and events. Throughout 2021, we've reached members internationally with thanks to social media platforms. 

Co-founders Martha Aguilar and Celeste Leon opened the doors to the community on January of 2021, and have provided members the chance to virtually meet and experience what the community is about. We saw the value and the importance of community especially during the tougher times we had as a global community in the year 2020. I AIM Community's members are open-minded and heart-centered women. We believe that empowering and uniting, there is greater opportunity for all! Our mission has always been to provide a supportive cultural, empowerment and educational experience for women  — and we’ve done everything we can to achieve this goal to this very day as we reached close to 50 members domestically and internationally.

When a new season begins, t
he community meets at 8pm EST every Wednesday for 90 minutes throughout 8 weeks!
Now imagine the positive outcomes of growing your network, being a part of a sisterhood, feeling inspired, being motivated and held accountable!

Join us for the next season ↓
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